Summer Summary: Challenging, but...

My blog stopped updating at my birthday. Where have I been for the entire summer? I have been working nonstop this summer. I might have been the busiest summer of my entire life. But I enjoyed it. I accomplished things that I can't even believe I accomplished. During my trip

15th birthday, 3rd year blogging

I'm fifteen! I renewed my domain for another year a couple days ago, which marked the start of my third year blogging. My platforms changed: I started with Tumblr, soon turned to self-built WordPress, then Ghost (on Node.js), back to WordPress, and eventually, about a month ago,

2016-17 School Year Hack Club Summary

That concludes the first half year of Wootton Hack Club. Now looking back at where we have started, it seems like there are things we have expected to achieve but did not achieve, but there are also things that we have unexpectedly achieved.

Why achievement gaps should never be abolished

Alright, finally got some spare time in this busy AP review week. After the SMOB (Student Member of the Board) voting this Wednesday held at our school district, I found a point that both candidates addressed very interesting: achievement gaps. After discussing this idea with some of my friends, I


2016年年底Codex解散,公众号荒废,我的博客更新速度也渐渐慢了下来。 我也在之后的更新里提到了,前段时间的学习太忙,没有时间再去运营更多的东西。

Cattail - Clickbait Analyzer

Co-developer: Joey Kim Submitted to Bitcamp 2017 (Devpost) Available at Chrome Web Store | Cattail License: Closed Source Inspiration While we were researching for our project idea for Bitcamp, we went through a tons of useless articles and webpages that we might classify as “clickbait”. These formulaic articles were full of

The type of things that I do: Edly 1.0

Proudly releasing Edly Beta I’ve always been wondering why the district is still using Edline. Let’s look back into it’s history: According to Wikipedia, Edline was launched independently in May 15, 1997. That was almost 20 years ago, which perfectly explained why their code looks like spaghetti.