Why achievement gaps should never be abolished

Alright, finally got some spare time in this busy AP review week. After the SMOB (Student Member of the Board) voting this Wednesday held at our school district, I found a point that both candidates addressed very interesting: achievement gaps. After discussing this idea with some of my friends, I

The type of things that I do: Edly 1.0

Proudly releasing Edly Beta I’ve always been wondering why the district is still using Edline. Let’s look back into it’s history: According to Wikipedia, Edline was launched independently in May 15, 1997. That was almost 20 years ago, which perfectly explained why their code looks like spaghetti.

Thinking again.

A through response to the huge conflict online between me and a friend. First of all, I apologize to whoever I hurt in my words posted earlier today. I just wanted to make things clear that no matter which side you stand on, we still live and learn in this

Leadership: My view

Club leadership is important, and I know that people wanted office positions from the club because they thought it is going to look good on their college resume. I’ve been kind of holding people off from trying to convince me to give them a leadership position of the club.

Getting a club running: Stage 1

I’ve always wanted to lead my own club. Back in middle school when I was still in Shanghai, I partnered up with one of my best friends there, Michael C. Zhou, and tried to run a programming tutor club. It was not very successful — by only the second week,