US Journal IV - State & City

Part IV Our State As I have said, I live in Maryland which is a very nice place to stay. In this chapter, I will briefly introduce the State of Maryland and the City of Gaithersburg to you. Maryland Maryland is a small state with a long history. It is

US Journal III - Transportation and Traffic

III. Transportation and Traffic Shanghai is definitely one of the cities with the most well-developed transportation systems in the world. For example, we have clean and nicely-organized underground, we have a busy bus system, we also have taxis, ferry, and even a maglev line which connects the airport to the

US Journal II - Food

II. Food When it comes to American food, what are you thinking about? Fries, burgers, and pizza? That’s exactly what the school offers us. Well, as Maryland is one of the states that has most Asian, it is not so hard for us to get to a Chinese supermarket

US Journal I - Education

Can’t believe that it is already the third month after I have come to America. And I can certainly feel the difference from the life I had in Shanghai.Education The education system here is totally different. It even made me feel “anxious” when I first started. Instead of