US Journal II - Food

II. Food

When it comes to American food, what are you thinking about? Fries, burgers, and pizza? That’s exactly what the school offers us. Well, as Maryland is one of the states that has most Asian, it is not so hard for us to get to a Chinese supermarket and get some Chinese food like dumplings. But for the school, they can only offer you the “American” food listed above. You might think this kind of food is delicious but unhealthy. Now, think again. Although you may like these things in China, how about eat them every day? You will definitely miss the taste of Chinese food. American food is dry, greasy, and the variety is single - you can’t list so much as our Chinese food. Therefore, for us Chinese living in the US, we still have Chinese food for our major meals.

There are lots of McDonalds’ here instead of KFCs, and the food sold here in fast food stores are much healthier than those sold in China. Due to the fact that chickens are not so common in Maryland, beef might be the major ingredient for sandwiches. You can have McDonald’s for breakfast if you are in a hurry, but I suggest not to have fast food too often. I’d rather go back home and have some dumplings, or even easier, find a Chinese or Vietnamese restaurant nearby and order a bowl of noodles/pho. You can find that kind of restaurants easily as they are almost everywhere.

I didn’t gain much weight after coming here, because the first two months are always very tiring when I helped my parents decorating our house and went to markets to buy the essentials. I am now going to the gym frequently to keep fit after eating those oily and unhealthy food. You can see those fat guys and ladies at the gym who must have been eating fast food for a long time. It is too late for them to lose weight! (NO OFFENSE)

In all, you can see fast food almost EVERYWHERE, but JUST REMIND YOURSELF NOT TO TOUCH THEM. Oh, by the way, no soda, please.

Mingjie Jiang

Maryland, United States


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