VII. Journal [Food (Part 2)]

The is one thing, and might me the only thing that I could not bear in the United States is the food. This oily food looks so bad! This time, let’s take a look at the school foods. Many of my friends thought as they are “school” provided foods, they should be healthier. Wrong! Just so you know, there’s a recent study showing the foods provided in American public schools are gradually moving towards fast food. As for me, “MUCH WORSE THAN FAST FOOD…” - it is not healthy, and NOT TASTY! (Apparently I am writing this with anger @~@)

Here’s one of our school’s menu.


Cherry Blossom Chicken+ WG Rice Bowl        398-432

Pepper Jack Burger~ w/ WG Onion Rings       526

^Cheese or +Pepperoni WG Pizza                   310-330

!+Spicy or +WG Chicken Bites w/ WG roll        307-320

~Hamburger or ~Cheeseburger on WG Bun    270-288

+WG Chicken Patty Sandwich on WG Bun       400

+WG Chicken Nuggets w/ WG Dinner Roll(s)    386-456

Source: Montgomery County Public Schools

The names don’t look so creepy, but what if I tell you the numbers after the foods are calories? We need about 2000 calories a day, and maybe more for us teenagers. Let’s divide that into 4 parts: breakfast, lunch, dinner and other snacks, then that will be 500+ calories per part. With those light breakfasts and not so many snacks, the lunch requirements should be approximately above 600-650 calories. The school supplies are way too few! Look at those lunches with only 300 calories… How is that able to support our active lifestyle at school? No wonder why I feel hungry in the afternoon…

Here’s my personal part. As the school foods are neither tasty nor healthy and not even enough, many of my friends chose to bring their own. When I asked my mom to bring food to school. She refused to do so. It is not that hard! Just cook a little bit more food at the night before, and save them for my school! Here’s her two “EXCUSES” [Excuses are like noses, everybody’s got one. (–Mr. Krohn, my band teacher) and my mom’s got two.]:

1.    I don’t have time to cook that food for you!

 All right, you don’t: you don’t have a job right now, and you are always staying at home watching your stinky computer doing nothing effectively. Just save 10 minutes on your cell phone and you will have some time.

2.    It is not so healthy to eat food from last night.

Sounds like a good excuse! Think about the oily, nasty food that my school is offering, whose food is unhealthier?

That’s all I want to say and hope my mother can consider this for another time. Surely, I don’t want to look like a pig when I finish high school here lol.

update: 1/20/2016 Grammar fixes

Mingjie Jiang

Maryland, United States


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