Wonton Edline Calculator project

I'm almost ready to publish this wonderful tool.
Here's a sneak peek:

Update: It is very hard for me to fetch account data because of the way the output system of Edline is set up. So for now you'll have to type in the data yourself. I might figure out a workaround for this issue, but it is extremely hard for a non-database project to achieve.

I will be using PJAX in this project as a basic example. The algorithm for this project is very straightforward so I will not be giving explanations. For more introduction about PJAX, please check the blog post: Exploring PJAX: My Notes

So I was checking my Edline, and from a UI designer's viewpoint, it was such a horrible system. As my teacher Mr. Davis once said, it was the worst system that the school could ever use.
So what? I cannot rewrite the entire system. The only thing I can do for now is only write a system of plugins that can actually do something else from just plain score checking.(and display them unencrypted with plain text)

Here's my idea:

  • We need a score simulating tool. What if I have a (formative) grade of (80) out of (100)?
  • We need a GPA calculation tool. It is not hard to do by yourself, but how about a UI for that?
  • A wonderful user interface that is -100 times better than edline since Edline scores negative.

I am finalizing the script and designing the UI. Hopefully it can go up this weekend.
Why Wonton? When I had that idea I was enjoying my bowl of Wonton. Sounds like a nice explanation. Better than those CEOs telling the entire world that they came up with the perfect idea in toilet. Why don't you name your product "Toilet Phone" or "Smartisan Toilet1"?

BTW I am setting up the domain mirrored database so please ignore anything you see on www.wonton.tk


Mingjie Jiang

Maryland, United States


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